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Our solutions were thoughtfully created by our team of talented programmers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders who fully understand the day-to-day challenges of running a business and making it successful. When properly implemented into your existing operations, our web-based apps will help you to eliminate what is holding you back while empowering you to achieve more - better, faster, and stronger than you thought possible.

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Apps & Software


Digital Forms

Does your business have forms that need to get completed and even signed more efficiently? Our digital form solution can deliver that and more. Now before you get the wrong idea, this solution is NOT a simple, electronic version of your paper forms and it is also NOT do-it-yourself form builder software. Below we have summarized some of the main features...

  • Step-by-step completion process with conditional logic capabilities
  • Digital signatures with tracking data + document/photo/ID uploads + accept online payments
  • Seamlessly integrates with numerous platforms for email marketing, SMS, CRM, EMR etc.
  • Stress-free experience + VIP Service - no effort from you or your team required to get started!
  • Common uses include patient forms, school & employment applications, tenant screenings & legal case intake
  • Can adapt to HIPAA, HITECH, PCI and DSS Compliance Standards


Website Chat

Our website chat solution is THE most advanced on the market today, as it goes far beyond normal chat capabilities to offer an enhanced experience for both your site visitors AND your internal team who is managing the chat conversations. A few key features...

  • See site visitors live, view which page they are on, and reach out to them!
  • 100% secure & managed by your in-house team - no bots, third-parties, or middle man
  • Multi-location compatible + transfer chats between team members or departments
  • Grow your business while you sleep by collecting sales leads when the chat is in offline status!
  • Can adapt to HIPAA, HITECH, PCI and DSS Compliance Standards


File Management

This highly innovative solution securely provides access to all company files from any device with an internet connection - even when you’re on the go!

  • Remotely access, download & share company files, photos, social media content and more!
  • User-friendly interface with encrypted data stored securely
  • Comes complete with your own company-managed private server
  • Bank-level security encryption + can adapt to HIPAA, HITECH, PCI and DSS Compliance Standards
  • Numerous additional security enhancements are available!

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