Our Consulting Specialties

Most business owners, leaders, and key executives feel that their companies could be performing at a more optimal level. That is where we intervene. Our MBA-level consultants here at The Dato Group are highly-skilled at providing general business advisory, marketing consulting, and strategy consulting to companies of various sizes and in a wide variety of industries.
Based on our competency and experience, we can be contracted to provide your organization with market research, business analysis, strategy development, strategic planning, digital marketing & online presence analysis, process improvement, internal & external analysis, sales development, cash flow & inventory management, and recruiting services.

Why Hire TDG Consultants?

Unlike typical marketing & business strategy consulting firms who can only tell you what needs to be done in order to solve an issue, enhance organizational efficiency, or increase profitability, we can often times execute on a plan of action to accomplish your goals. Indeed, our unique combination of having dedicated MBA consultants and providing a full spectrum of web, tech, and digital marketing services can often times bridge much of the gap between where companies are and where they wish to be.

When we can’t offer you a duo consulting + in-house marketing solution, we go above and beyond to advise you, guide you, and connect you with companies who are best suited to fulfill your needs. From the moment you begin working with us, it will be clear that you are in good and very capable hands.

TDG Consulting Snapshot

Our most common project consulting cases...

Start-up Consulting
Process Improvement
Strategic Planning
Formulating The Game Plan

Strategic Planning

When we take on your project as a strategy consultant, it is because we believe in your ability to succeed, and we know that our intervention and strategic planning can be a tool for rapid growth. While our approach will vary slightly from one project to another, the below steps describe our typical discovery process prior to custom developing a strategic plan for success...


Consulting Relationships

We offer our consulting services either on an ongoing retainer basis or per project basis. In the below, we’ve described each relationship type - including key differences to be taken into consideration.

If you are looking for a go-to business coach, strategist, or advisor who is always available to help you navigate any issue that arises and make key business decisions, hiring us on a retainer basis will likely make the best sense for your organization.

Before working on a retainer, we always start with an initial client discovery process. During this phase, we seek to gain an in-depth understanding of the workings of your company - including key leaders & employees, product and/or service offerings, current market factors, competitors, business challenges, short-term goals, and long-term objectives. Since having this knowledge enables us to properly advise you in nearly any situation, we keep in touch and stay abreast of any changes. Clients who hire us on a retainer basis are guaranteed to have our availability at any time a need arises, as we only take on a limited number of retainers and give priority to these clients.

Our MBA-level consultants are routinely hired to guide and advise business owners, executives, and key decision makers on an as-needed, per project basis. Some of the most typical projects where we intervene include start-up consulting, process improvement, marketing consulting, corporate re-branding, market research, digital marketing analysis, and strategy consulting.

Unlike our Retainer Agreements, our intervention as project consultants is subject to our availability, as we are completely dedicated to successful outcomes and never take on more consulting work than we can reasonably accommodate.

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